Packages Pre-Installed with ConnectR 2.0

YakData ConnectR has 2,140 packages pre-installed for your convenience. We pre-selected many of the top packages to save you time once your ConnectR server is deployed.

With the ConnectR R Package Manager, you can easily add new packages, remove packages or upgrade as suitable for your projects. All packages pre-installed for ConnectR 2.0 are based on the MRAN image of these packages on 2020-04-11.

An overall table search box is above the data table and individual column search is available at the bottom of the table. If you wish to export the table, at the top of the table select “Show All entries” and select an export format above the Search box.

Please note that installed packages were verified via loading after installation. It is possible that some features may not be available in a particular package. Additionally, YakData does not endorse or verify the suitability of any package on this list for your needs. Your due diligence and careful testing of suitability for your needs is required.