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YakData ConnectR plan selector

Based on our extensive performance testing, we built this ConnectR app to help you select the best ConnectR subscription plan for your project.

There are numerous factors that can affect server performance including but not limited to: data complexity, input data size (rows/columns), R packages used, methods selected, programming efficiency, user interaction patterns and other apps running concurrently. Using the YakData ConnectR Benchmark app, you can compare our server performance with running a ConnectR web app on your development computer. This app is a good place to obtain “back of the napkin” type estimates.

All data in this dashboard is for estimate purposes only. Final needs of your project may be considerably different than projected for a wide range of reasons. Please check our Buy page and our terms and conditions for current plan information and limitations. All estimates here should be checked independent of this app to ensure that your project needs are properly planned for and accommodated.

Updated for ConnectR v2.0

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The YakData brightRserver plan selector app
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