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Share the power of R shiny apps with the entire team

Share the power of R shiny apps with the entire team

Deliver more for less.

Dedicated server for R shiny apps

Launch your R shiny app project today in minutes from one of 14 locations worldwide and eliminate the hassle of maintenance and upgrades with a hosted brightRserver. Experience high frequency compute performance with ultra-fast on-server storage. Data consumers and data expert teams can get back to making the most of your analysis on brightRserver. No worries about vendor lock-in as your R shiny apps published on brightRserver can be migrated to several open source and proprietary alternatives.

Securely share R shiny apps

Publish R shiny apps on brightRserver with secured access for specific users or groups. Colleagues log in using their favorite web browser and open the app to view and interact with their data. brightRserver web apps are built with the shiny package from CRAN. To help build amazing R web apps, brightRserver also works with powerful packages such as shinyjs, flexdashboard and rmarkdown.

Develop R shiny apps

Create, edit, test and debug R shiny apps with brightRserver Editor, a secured version of the most popular open source editor for R. Easily upload existing R shiny apps via the Secure FTP server. More than 2,000 of the most popular R packages are pre-installed on brightRserver. Need other packages? You can install them from MRAN, CRAN, Github or uploaded files. Upload and download file-based data sources via the SFTP server and define remote data sources with specialized R packages.

All on one dedicated, secure and powerful platform.

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